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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Short Update then Back to Work

Just celebrating a narrow win on The D6 Generation-it came down to three of us for their Art Description contest and the dice were kind to me. Either way all the entries were good but the two I was up against were excellent; I would have been honored to lose to any of the entries but either of them especially. Every time they have these contests I have to really step up my game to remain competative so it is good to be challegend by worthy opponents!

Meanwhile I am in a "build" phase; I'm knocking out my Dark Angels. I have always meant for this to be a small army. I mentally assign it a diffent block than my Ultramarines so that 1) I don't feel the need to replicate everything twice; i.e. play the Dark Angels like green painted marines and 2) I'm not upset that the goodies they got don't overlap with the goodies in the new Space Marine codex. I know a lot of people have been upset and there were some really good toys that frankly there is no real reason the Dark Angels should not have gotten (although I suspect that the Blood Angels and Space Wolves are going to miss out on some of these units as well) and the fluff reason put out is a little lame [bad grammar alert] BUT Dark Angels will now be my premier Terminator and Bike army whereas the Ultras will fill out everything else. I should really do up a Kanban board like The Independent Characters started to organize all my stuff but in the mean time my goals are:

Dark Angels Devastator Squad
Dark Angels Command Squad
Dark Angels Librarians (2)
Dark Angels Budget Azrael
Dark Angels DV Captain
Deathwing Terminator Standard Squad (x3)
Deathwing T-Hammer Squad [Going to ignore the FAQ outlawing SSTH Sgts. Really GW?]
Deathwing Knight Squad
Ultramarines Heresy Era Heavy Weapons Squads

Assemble and Paint
Ultramarine Stormraven
Armorcast Wolfhount Titans

Revise and Paint
Thunderhawk (not happy with how main cannon turned out.

Closing out the post I ask what is better than a new Space Marine codex? A new Space Marine codex and kittens!  photo 2013-09-06_20-58-04_902_zps4997f5cb.jpg

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