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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Salem Water Plant

After Action Report

The Ultramarines finish off the last of the attacking force with the assistance of the would be local militia. The space marines have taken a fair amount of damage in the assault but they have prevailed.

Chaplain Trajan has been injured again, but his armor has saved him. He spends a moment to thank the Emperor and he blesses the power armor that has once again turned would be death into a small victory. After securing the prisoners, the marines begin to secure the area while the Chaplain begins to ask the local force the situation.

"You seem to be in a position of authority. I am Chaplain Trajan of the Ultramarines. What has happened here? Who was that attacking force? Who is in charge and where are they?" Trajan is already a fearsome site to behold, but at the moment he appears to be less tactful than usual.

"I am the acting commander of this force. My name is Lt. Lestero. We were sent here to secure water for our community. The attackers were an off world merc unit. We do not know why they were attempting to take the facility but we can guess that they needed the water as well. My commander is Bryn, but he is back at town. We should be able to reach him as we get closer to the base."

More Troops have arrived at the landing pad.
1 Predator
1 Razorback
2 Rhinos
More Marines

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