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Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Challenge, Blurry Pics, and Sacrifices

The new Photobucket continues to frustrate me but I think I have finally broken the code. Insult to injury, my old reliable camera is starting to go on the fritz so this latest round of pics is even worse than usual. To wit: First up are my March Freebootaz challenge. In this case I did the last of my heavy weapons platforms. These signal the end of my IG painting (until I buy more that is). The bases are special molds where the gunner is mounted to the base and the a-gunner can be removed to simulate a casualty. These are only the figures I painted with this batch and the a-gunners are being drawn from existing models.  photo 100_4008_zps71dc653b.jpg These are the other figs I painted so far this month. These are from the Chronopia line and when I got rid of the few figs I had I kept them; they are great for slaves, chaos sacrifices, or even renegade psykers. I was thinking about running a game where they are objective markers that a chaos player has to hold on to in a set place in order to fulfill a ritual. Of course the opposing player has to rescue or protect them.  photo 100_4015_zps0b0fea3c.jpg I have spent much time prepping my Dark Angels from the 6th Ed boxed set. I also prepped a second tac squad (the terminators and bikers are still on the sprue). The guys are assembled, primed and ready for action...and they are going to have to wait. I still don't feel the urge to paint them. In the mean time, I am working on some Aegis defense lines and a Bastion, plus some other terrain I've been sitting on for a while. After that but not sure if before or after the Dark Angels, I have some Heresy-Era Ultramarines, plus a couple of misspent Ebay purchases. Decisions, decisions.

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