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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Liberation Point

The Ultramarines secure the landing pad and the spend the next few hours securing the adjacent buildings. Word is sent from Captain Sicarius to the acting commander that reinforcements are inbound at this time. "Be advised that this is our first attempt at using anything other than a drop pod so we will not be risking a large contingent at this time. Apothecary in training, Maren will be there to assist with the wounded and to gather gene-seed from the fallen. Systems are still in a state of decay but we are assessing our options as we speak. You maybe without immediate support so take whatever actions are necessary to protect the landing pad. If we have to abandon ship, we will need that pad." The Senior Sergeant quickly acknowledges his Captain and he immediately puts his troopers to task.

Chaplain Trajan comes to in an ad hoc medical area setup to protect the injured Marines. A trooper quickly informs the Chaplain that the landing pad has been secured. Trajan asks about men under his command and is saddened by the loss of two of his brothers. "I shall see to it that they will be remembered till the end of our days." Trajan says a quick word to the Emperor and blesses the fallen in his name. "Chaplain, I have been asked to inform you that you have prisoners to interrogate." The trooper seems to give a slight reaction to the phrase interrogate. Chaplain Trajan thanks his protector and blesses the trooper as he oversees the injured.

The Ultramarines spend their time setting up the defenses of the landing pad. The Marines are pleased to see that all of their injured needed only time to return to duty. Word has already been passed that two of the Marines are beyond medical care.

Chaplain Trajan looks upon the newly acquired prisoners with disgust. All of these men wear the Imperial Guard uniforms. From the appearance of their freshly craved icons of Chaos, these men were loyal just days ago. What would have turned these men so easily? Matters not, but I shall find the answers to these questions and but oh so much more....   
Within a few short hours the first Thunderhawk arrives bringing fresh troops and equipment. A scout squad, a tactical squad, and a devastator squad quickly run down the landing pad as a Tech Marine and servitors begin to pull out defensive cannons.

NON-RP Section
Scout Squad 5
Tactical Squad 10
Devastator Squad 5
Tech Marine 1
Tech Servitors 2
Icarus Quad Gun
Thunderfire Cannon
Apothecary Maren 1

All Chaos Renegades were exterminated. 11 ex guards are being held. Chaplain Trajan can ask 10 questions. After that, the traitors are worthless...

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