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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Central Casting 2013

"Bobby it's Sal! How's it hanging? Bobby baby I need some people! Yeah, give me a Rogue Trader or Imperial Commander-make him kind a pasty. Yeah perfect! Now give me some dogs. Big ones! No I don't want a grumpy cat instead! Yer killin' me! Those guys will do but hire someone to clean up after them. Okay now I need heroes. Yeah some big guys-I need a Missile guy-what can I say it's the new meta. And a guy on a bike. Yeah he'll do. Okay now a speeder but make it an old one so we can use it in some Heresy work I'm doing. Yeah 30k is the new 40k! Fantastic! Okay now I want some set pieces, huge ones-we're talking epic here! A bastion and two Aegis lines plus some anti-air? Perfect! I love ya Bobby-don't ever change!"  photo 100_4037_zpsaea05ce7.jpg  photo 100_4035_zps651ebe06.jpg  photo 100_4039_zpse9062bc4.jpg  photo 100_4034_zps700d758e.jpg

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