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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monthly Challenge for February

Kocked these out last week but just now getting around to posting them. I need to go back and re-take the photos as these turned out the worst of both worlds (flash/no flash). Essentially this is my Heresy-era Command Squad as well as a techmarine tossed in for good measure. You'll note the classic Rhino in the background. I've got a ton of these left over and better things to spend my money on from Forge World (oh yessss, but that will be revealed later!). Plus I have a classic librarian. Maybe he was absent at the Council of Nikea and just didn't get the word yet or something. I had some heresy era figures but wanted that extra something that pushed them back and it occurred to me that nothing says old school space marines like topknots and so a little green stuff later and my boys are kickin' back like it's 30k. To be fair the Roman-style crests are more Chapterhouse goodness. The banner is also intentionally blander; all the art from the Collected Visions book has banners and standards looking more like current-day guidons rather than the tapestries they resemble later on.



Yeah I seriously need to redo these pictures. Maybe when I have some troops. Speaking of which, to save money (although I'm certainly giving enough to my friends at Chapterhouse Studios-their bits, especially heads and shoulderpads are intregal to making this work) I'm going with beakies even though they may or may not have been on the scene by the battle of Calth (probably not but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it).

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