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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tide of Darkness

The only good thing about my trip getting cancelled is that I've gotten a bunch of painting and modellingdone. Adding this latest batch to the Tots stuff and that amounts to 56 models done this month alone.

Painted; a bunch of Black Legion Space Marines:

Primed; my home-grown raptors:

Modelled; my aspring champions and Berzerkers of Khorne:

Behind these guys is a bunch more Chaos Space Marines that are already assembled, sad, rule-less Cypher and some Fallen to keep him company, and a second hand defiler in need of a refit.

However, before I continue with any of the above, my Deep Striking Santa II project for the Freebootaz is...well that's a secret for now but let's just say it emcompasses someone's doom.

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