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Thursday, October 16, 2014

ORKTOBER!!!! (2014)

Last unit of Boyz for Toys for Tots. I call them the "Unkle Jessies".

 photo 60179D0A-773D-46EA-9A01-2A4120925B19_zpsar5kykw6.jpg

Here are some Koptas. Really didn't have a good way to turn them into redneck copters so I just painted them straight.

 photo F1B46E64-A2B5-4496-AE73-2C3CB3FDD247_zpsqvifnppe.jpg

Last TfT model will be a Warwagon and then it will be time to assemble, photograph, and Ebay these figs for the tots! Keep you eyes peeled for links.

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