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Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Mantic Love

Keeping me from finishing off the last of the Orks for Toys for Tots (you'd think I'd shut up about that by now) were these last couple of buildings:

I actually scratch built the stairs leading up to the second level (because how else would you get there? Then I promptly realized I probably should have built a landing at the top so you don't have to do some awkard twist or fall to your death. Oops.

With that are some barricades and generic scifi bits from Antenocity's Workshop. Which they no longer sell for some reason. Bummer. Also are non-Antenocity's Workshop generic scifi bits that I scratchbuilt out of leftover parts. They are meant to servie as machinery, crates, or rooftop air conditioner units.

Okay, orks next-I promise!

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