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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aerial Reinforcements

++++Thought for the Day: Curiosity is the gateway to heresy.++++ ++++Record 1314RUYT90 Summary: Access Granted++++ The Sullist Betrayal What makes a man turn from the light of the Emperor? In 533M41, in response to increased attacks in the vicinity of the Eye of Terror, the carrier Touch of Righteousness was deployed to assist. Intelligence reports came in of a new type of fighter being used by the forces of the dark powers and the various crews were eager to test their mettle against this new threat. Among them in the 671st Fighter Squadron was a flight lieutenant named Kaurl Sullist. An examination of his records would later reveal that Sullist had been sanctioned no less than three times by the Mechanicum for over-stressing his fighter craft as he strove to push it to greater levels of response. This was covered over, hover, in light of his numerous kills. Subsequent interrogations following the purging of the squadron revealed that he had an impulsive need to fly the fastest and the most aggressively, and had gathered a cadre of similar-minded pilots around him. Photobucket In short course, the various squadrons engaged the enemy. Sullist earned several kills and was on his way to establishing a new record until his entire flight vanished. At the time it was assumed that they had been ambushed and wiped out, as sometimes happens in war. Shorly afterwards, the new, rumored enemy craft, dubbed the Hellclaw, was encountered by the Imperium. Similar in form and function to the Helltalon, they seemed to have a knack for attacking the best pilots in the remaining squadrons. Photobucket It was not until a damaged enemy fighter was recovered for examination that the true horror of the situation was revealed; Sullist and his chosen men had defected to the Archenemy, that they could be the ones to fly these new fighters. Some had given themselves willingly to Chaos where others had been rendered down as servitors. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Worse, it was discovered that one of the intelligence officers; the one that first “discovered” the new craft, was leaking to Sullist which pilots were flying when so that he could challenge himself with the best the Imperium had to offer. The entire crew of the Touch of Righteousness was subjected to Inquisitional purge and contact was lost with Sullist and his heretics. Their current disposition is unknown. The Hellclaws were determined to be identical in function and capabilty to the Helltalon but are encountered rarely, usually in large battles, where they harrass ground forces and provide anti-aircraft support. ++++See additional files for further information.++++


  1. Love these conversions! How did you make them?

    1. They are based off of Star Wars (Anakin and Obi Wan) starfighters (the look around 1/54 scale). If you play your coupons right you can get them pretty cheaply at local craft/hobby stores in the US. I designed and cut out new cockpits from plasticard after cutting down the original cockpits. A few details here and there and the final product is pretty simple and relatively cheap.