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Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Old Drop Pod

This month's theme overall will be transports but for the Freebootaz November Motivational Challenge (Fast Attack-or dedicated transports for said Fast Attack) I offer This Old Drop Pod:

Bob Vila "Well let's see what Ian is doing over here."
Ian "Hi Bob, well I got this drop pod in a trade and to be frank, she needs some work."
Bob "Tell me."
Ian "Well, for starters the doors won't close and one had a peg break off. Fortuantely or unfortunately depending on your point of view, the original assembler used tons of super glue so she came apart pretty easily. I've fixed the broken door with some brass rod and shaved down more flash than paparazzi convention. The missile launcher had to be removed and remounted but it now spins again. I also stripped off the Black Templar symbols on the side. We'll see what, if anything, I replace them with."
Bob "It looks like you are making great progess. Let's go over to Sam who is working on some models he bought off of Ebay. Hey Sam, I've never seen models painted with house paint before!"


Five Days Later

Bob "Well this really turned out well Ian."
Ian "Yeah, I had to scrape off more paint, add in some plates to cover some removed iconography and consecrate it with sacred sweet meats but overall I'm pleased with the results and you can't recognize it from the original body."
Bob "That's just great Ian. Now lets see how Sam's attempt to strip that house paint off using sulfuric acid went."


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