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Saturday, November 19, 2011

OT: Original Terminators and More Chapterhouse Goodness

Went old school (or rather saved myself at least 150 bucks) and converted over my old terminators to Ultramarines. I used some Chapterhouse Studios hammers and shields to convert what were regular terminators into Thunderhammer/Stormshield Terminators. However, for all my talk of using original terminators, many of the arms came from leftover bits from the new plastics. Because one of my T-hammer terminators is missing, I had to use the AoBR sergeant with a front plate swap (the idea of wearing the best armor the imperium has to offer but no helmet drives me crazy-except for the capitain where I didn't want to jack with the original figure). I also knocked out a Hunter Killer missle to swap out on my Land Raider.

I really like the shields and hammers and I think they work much better than the dinky shields the terminators come with. They have flourish worthy of 1st Company marines.

Lightning Claws (Why? Because I ran out of arms and have a ton of claws).

Lastly, Captain, Librarian, and missile:

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