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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Joys of Moving, a Book Recommendation, and a Shout Out to Battlefoam

Okay, the move in complete and some normality (normalcy?-whatever) has been returned but I am now way behind on my monthly challenges for July and August. I still managed to get some hobby related things accomplished despite everything getting packed up and shipped off; a friend gave me some Aegis Defense Lines. Actually he gave me four. I cannot thank him enough to be frank. So again, thank you Steve.

Let me also recommend that you all pick up a copy of his novel that he wrote with his wife, "Powerborn" that was recently published. I don't tolerate crap fantasy well so the fact that he is my friend aside, it is a fantastic novel filled with fully fleshed out characters and art (yes art!) that you will not see in contemporary fantasy novels. Check it out on their website www.nenethomas.com

I also transported some GW Primer and Army Painter Primer from Oklahoma City (yet another shout out to New World Comics and Games) to Corpus Christi in the middle of a massive heat wave without letting it get hot. I believe this is one of the reasons it turns to garbage and comes out textured. Cool for some bits of terrain, conniption-inducing for those miniatures you worked really hard at putting together. Finally I have stared painting a ten-man squad of assualt marines and a five-man squad of terminators. I figure these will take me until the end of August and into September.

Not sure about the local gaming scene. I've set food in what appears to be the only gaming store in town and, well to be fair the guy is willing to special order but does not have a large stock. Frankly, the store is more of a Magic: The Gathering and LAN gaming spot with a smidgeon of Warhammer, 40K and Warmachine. The jury will remain out until I can give him a fair shake.

Last, a shout-out to Battle Foam. Everything packed in my cases survived intact but more importantly, I purchased two extra trays to cover some extra items. The packers, being the geniuses that they are, put them beneath heavy books in the boxes they all went in. Despite that, and a little worse looking for wear, the trays did their job and they managed to protect everything. Thanks Romeo.

Primed for action (some of the last of my old blue)


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