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Sunday, February 21, 2016

February Catchup

Been a hectic new year and I have a lot of posting to do.

Start with a boatload of Ultramarines:

 photo 44AFAACB-7DC1-4C92-934C-B75A8B9F946C_zpsfreqkmwz.jpg

 photo 8FD77425-B2CC-4B16-81A8-6B64C745D3FA_zpsdomxrdh0.jpg

 photo 3F67465A-9CE8-4499-BE35-B31FF60E2576_zpsbh0zttt8.jpg

 photo 3F901962-226C-44B7-ADD7-A5D5D5B6CB82_zpsb3akc23s.jpg

Quite a bit of terrain:

 photo AF469936-208D-44DF-A076-AF3C2DF83530_zpsillxlwxz.jpg

 photo 86EB4C03-FDCE-4EA5-958D-F25F00E2326E_zps1pjoai89.jpg

 photo EC087001-E3AF-478A-848C-20BB94CB4C0F_zpsxp0mblae.jpg

 photo C4615033-8F73-4000-BF0F-34AEBDCBDAD2_zpsemflpd2h.jpg

A Hastily shot photo of Quonset huts for Ryan:
 photo 28A2B681-A9C1-4979-8F92-6EC295074C2E_zps95w1nnah.jpg

Some Cars for the LVO Glory Road Kill Team (or something like that-they were for a Ryan who definitely improved upon them after I was done):
 photo 6A462E59-3E00-4178-82F7-CA09CF1E6C30_zpsrsm7ijkn.jpg

A couple of Apothecaries for David:
 photo AF469936-208D-44DF-A076-AF3C2DF83530_zpsillxlwxz.jpg

And lastly some Space Wolves for my son:

 photo F32CDC4A-14B6-413B-A5E0-AFB1D31821A3_zpskhmeccxb.jpg

Space Wolves are the short term priority followed by some contract Ultras and some orks. Or maybe Nids. Or AM. Plus more of my Ultras. Did I mention some Chaos? Well the year is young.

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