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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March In Like a Lamb, out Like a, er Platypus or Something

First out the door this month is my Stalker/Hunter:

 photo B6CF5068-20E7-4187-B7E4-85472F7E2C3E_zpsalajvjkl.jpg

And some nifty scenery from Antenocity's Workshop:
 photo C2469051-B881-4805-823D-33C77407E1E0_zpsw3e0yff4.jpg

And a Servitor of questionable loyalty (I designed it to be traitor guard but could also be mechanicus or an inquisitorial ally):
 photo D7F47F8E-2A67-40BC-8294-057CCA52358C_zpswjcmbh1q.jpg

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