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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once more unto the breach...

Upon the voids of space itself, a fragmented message has been received. An Imperial Astropath takes the communica to the beginning of an endless bureaucracy that has become the Emperor of Mankind. The days of Ole are gone. Rarely does a man make a decision without the consult of a tide of humanity, or what has become of humanity these days. Counsels and panels are informed of this new dilemma. Once the situation has been accessed by the proper agents of the Emperor, action can be called forth. Deliberation has ended and the bureaus are pleased with their choice. For of course they do not have to take the next step, that will be handed to Terra's ultimate defenders.

Time has past and the original fragment of a message has been extensively lengthened. Information from hundreds of sources have been checked and cross referenced before the data file has been placed before the living legend. A mountain of raw courage and strength deliberates this hour. No man charges recklessly into battle without thought. And all who know Marneus  Augustus Calgar know that he is not one to be called reckless. "I require Captain Sicarius." Simple and to the point. A bow and the deed is done. 

"My Lord, you required my presence." Cato Sicarius states with a solemn head tilt that tells all that he is a true leader of men forged of battle, but in a tone that is more than formality. Cato knows his rank offers him a level of respect that few space marines will ever attain. Before his Chapter Master, he is still humbled by the marine before him who has lead this chapter with both wisdom and sheer brutal force. Many in the ranks of the Ultramarines feel that Captain Sicarius will one day lead the chapter, but until that day.

Lord Calgar acknowledges his battle brother,"Captain Sicarius I am afraid I will be sending you into harms way with a vague and unclear task." 

"But ask of me My Lord and I will move stars upon my back or die trying." Cato's resolve is never in doubt.

"Take the data files before thee, and prepare the 2nd Company. I do not know if you are saving a planet or ending a world. The information asks more questions than it provides answers. Without a doubt, something is amiss and our chapter has been tasked with this challenge. I would normally send a much smaller contingent to address this concern, but too many High Lords of Terra have placed their mark upon this file for my liking. Cato, you alone will be in a position to render judgement." Lord Calgar stands,"We follow in the footsteps of Guilliman. As it is written in the Codex, so it shall be."

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  1. Captan Sicarius gathered his command squad together in council. “Brothers,” he began, “Master Calgar has again offered us an opportunity for glory and you know how loathe I am to let such an opportunity go to waste.” He passed as his men chuckled respectfully. “We shall muster the entire second company to include our complete complement of armor and three talons. In addition, I will be requesting a cohort of veterans from the first company to include Sternguard and Terminators as well as a detachment from the 10th company to serve as our eyes and ears on the ground. Finally, I wish to include several of the honored ones; their advice will serve us no less than the firepower they will bring. Give the order. Rally the men. We depart within the day on our strike cruiser, “Scion of Honor”.