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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Robot Roll Call!

I keeping with the recent Forge World theme that everything old is new again, I have decided to reexamine robots. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw these on sale-Photobucket

Now don't know a think about Reddakai other thant it is yet another Japanese game/anime wishes it was as popular as Pokemon but clearly isn't. Whad I did notice was with a little work, maybe I could turn it into a decent Castellian class robot from 1st Edition days.


Now the size would be larger but that seems to be a general theme of stuff that has been reworked into the latest edition. I think in the end it will be about the size of a contemptor dread but if you look at the fluff pics, that isn't that far off.


The basic plan is simple:
1) Arms-remove the middle part of the hand and condense it down into thick power glove fingers. This thing is made for smashing, not picking up tea cups.
2) Shoulders and body-cut these down and with anple use of green stuff and (probably) some profanity, sculpt it into something approaching the body of the actual model.
3) Remove the head and cut off the neck. Inverting the head and some putty and plasticard work will have it resemble the cockpit-like head of the Castellian.
4) Remove the legs and put them more to the side, filling in the gaps and giving them guards over the top of the legs.
5) Build a backpack for the back of the model for the weapons to mount on.



The good news is that they were cheap enough that I bought two so if I screw up badly enough on the first I will have parts to try again. Or on the other hand, if I do well enough, I will have two. Or I will have two mangled bits to use as terrain pieces worst case scenario.

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