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Monday, January 10, 2011

Purple People...Infecters

Here are my Ymgarl Genestealers. I went with the classic paint scheme to honor their heritage and to separate them visually from the rest of my "hive" Tyranid army; it rejects them for doing their own thing. Bummer. Soon a Rogue Trader will arrive and attempt to scour the world the 'Nids have sucked clean for lost treasures. He will be brining extra cargo on board...



  1. Those are the heads from Chapterhouse, no? They're downright disgusting looking! Are you using them as your Ymgarls?

    It's a great look overall.

  2. Wow, those things are disgusting looking.
    Nice work.

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. Are you satisfied with your chapterhouse heads? I am thinking about getting some when I get their Tervigon kit.

  4. I am. I strongly recommend you use resin bases and mount the figures as far back as possible. The heads make them very front heavy.